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0300 3023 150
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Rushden Transport Museum
Rushden Station
Station Approach
NN10 0AW

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If you would like to find out more, about either Rushden Transport Museum and Railway or Rushden Historical Transport Society, please contact a member of the Committee using the Telephone numbers and E-mail addresses below.

Rushden Historical Transport Society Committee 2017

Mr Roger Walpole
Tel 01933 318736

Mr John Sugars  (
Tel 01933 350415

Vice Chairman
Mr Colin Robinson  (
Tel 01933 359955

Mr Bill Toyer  (
Tel 07979 501331

[Position vacant]  (

Membership Secretary
Mr Trevor Pritchard  (

Magazine Editor
Mark Castro-Garcia  (

General Committee Members
Mr David Chambers  (

Mr Bev Watson  (

Mrs Gwen Walpole

Mr Pete Dines

Mr Mick Carlile

Mr John Holdom-Eyles

Mr Jim Wheeler

Mrs Catharine Young

Mr Paul Sells

Mr David Floyd


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