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Rushden Transport Museum

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Donate to our collection

Rushden Transport Museum is unique, being started by members of the Rushden Historical Transport Society, and as such started from nothing by collecting all sorts of artefacts and ephemera from road and rail transport.  Now as an accredited museum the Trustees have agreed a Collections Policy so that our collection can relate more aptly to Rushden and the surrounding area.

There are gaps in our collection – so you might wonder why we don’t just accept donations straight away, this is because we need to be sure that the items offered as gifts, purchases or loans are most suitable for exhibition or research, and that we are able to care for them appropriately.

What we are collecting:

Our focus now is on collecting objects, ephemera and stories that reflect the impact of different road and rail transport on the development of Rushden and its people, from within a radius of 50 miles.

We can no longer accept objects on long-term loan – the maximum length is 5 years but this can be renewed, or with specific conditions attached, or objects containing hazardous substances.

How to donate:

Please do not bring objects into the Museum; but either come and see us first with a photo or send us a letter or an email about your object. If we are interested, we will first contact you for more information about the object and where it came from and then if appropriate come and take a look at it so we can assess it.

Do not be offended if we cannot accept your object; it might be that we have a similar object already, or it’s too big, or something that we don’t collect. We can always tell you why we can’t accept it, and suggest other museums that might be interested.

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