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Rushden Transport Museum

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Education for all

There is no age restriction on learning and Rushden Transport Museum is a great place to learn new things about Rushden’s heritage through transport and its connections with the local area.  There is plenty to look at in the unique atmosphere of the station, whether you come with your family or with your school or college.  Observation is the key to understanding and our activity sheets are just right for visitors of all ages as long as you are prepared to look around you.

We are also keen to learn and welcome any information you might have on our exhibits.

Although admission  to the museum during normal opening hours is free for individuals;  for school parties or other groups for whom special arrangements are made we would like to suggest a donation of £ (tbc) per head for adults and £ (tbc) for children.

Primary schools

The Museum is an ideal setting for learning outside the classroom and our dedicated team of volunteers can deliver engaging sessions for primary aged pupils both within the museum and by society members on the track. Sessions are tailor made through negotiation with teachers so that the learning objectives for the visit can be enjoyably fulfilled.

The museum experience develops an awareness of the past and changes within living memory.

For Key Stage 1 pupils the museum lends itself to thinking about similarities and differences between ‘Then and Now’ and introduces them to significant people in the development of steam locomotives.

Key Stage 2 pupils will be able to note connections, contrasts and trends over time.  A  visit to the museum will enhance their local history study and contribute to understanding the significant turning point of the first railways.

It is important that visits are planned well in advance to enable us to man the sessions.  Download our schools information pack.

After school clubs

After school activity groups and clubs are most welcomed by prior appointment, but it is desirable and beneficial to plan the objective of the visit with the museum volunteers before the agreed date of the visit, so that we can gear up appropriately.

Other Groups

The museum is an excellent venue for adult groups to visit and we welcome contact with all to discuss your needs and expectations – transport enthusiasts, photographers, amateur artists and Alfie (the Station Cat) fans alike.

Community projects

The museum responds positively to requests from students and artist and has been involved in the ‘Changing Tracks’ project with international artists in 2014 and art students in the Northampton Public Art Festival 2015.

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